You did what?

I have learned to my considerable shock that people have, in fact, actually read this page. (I know, I can’t believe it either.) I would like to (a) thank the both of you, and (b) apologize for the relative lack of insane, semi-literate rants so far. Anybody who spends any time with me knows that hardly a day goes by without me getting red in the face and sputtering incomprehensibly about “President Bush” this or “reality television” that, or “grad school” the other thing (just ask my roommate). I merely haven’t written many of them down. Please forgive the false advertising.

To thank you (or perhaps punish you?) for paying me a visit, I’ll post a copy of the story I read at Coffeehouse this past Friday sometime in the next day or so. (I’d do it now, but I have to translate it from whatever crazy-ass language I wrote it in to English and I still have laboratory work left to do tonight.) See, this is what you get for letting me know you read my weblog. What have you learned? Hmmm?