You mean I have to keep writing stuff for this???

Well, I’m doing a great job keeping this thing up so far, aren’t I? Admittedly spring is an unusually busy time. In the next two months, I plan to go to (at least) two crystallography meetings, a backpacking trip, my church’s 50th anniversary celebration, a wedding, a choir reunion, and play city league softball. So I hope you don’t mind if I whine, whine, whine. (I would like some of the fish with my whine, thank you. Perhaps the halibut?) Worry not, I have plenty of those semi-literate rants, and I will subject you to them soon enough.

Incidentally, if you happen to be near Huntingdon, PA on March 27th at 7:30 pm or near the National Cathedral on April 18th at 10:30 am, you should really check the Juniata concert choir out. If you come to the one in D.C., you’ll have to put up with us creaky alumni too, so I especially suggest the March homecoming concert: it is always very moving. I haven’t heard a Juniata choir concert myself for a while but Russ Shelley always does a suberb job putting the choir together. Plus you should buy a CD!

On an unrelated note, I’ve turned the comments feature off. I have heard ugly rumors about comment spamming of Moveable Type weblogs and I must admit to great fear of my comment fields filling with ads for Viagra, get-rich-quick schemes, and nekkid women. I get enough of that in my inbox. I’m almost positive that nobody reads this thing but if you really want comments, drop me an email ( and let me know.